QMx Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Zippermouth 9” Plush

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We feel calmer already, now that the Pumpkin King from Nightmare Before Christmas has joined us in Halloween Town. Time to party with ghosts and goblins! The undead gentleman Jack Skellington is here to help us get in touch with our spooky side.

Our 9-inch Jack Skellington Zippermouth™ plush sports a tailored pinstripe tuxedo, complete with tails and bat bow tie. Unzip his mouth, and his skeletal smile will remind you that he’s ready for some scary fun.

As with all Zippermouths™, Jack is a sculptural plush — stitched together with great precision, using luxury materials, embroidery and appliqué. We spared no effort to create the best possible Halloween King.

Length: 10 in ( 25.4 cm )

Width: 7 in ( 17.7 cm )

Height: 9 in ( 16.5 cm)