Loungefly Disney Pixar A Bugs Life Earth Day Zip Around Wallet

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Have you ever felt the fluttering of a butterfly's wings and felt a sense of peace and calm wash over you? Or maybe you've stared in awe at the intricate web of a tiny spider and appreciated the beauty of nature's creations. Well, now you can celebrate all things buggy with this A Bug's Life Zip Around Wallet!

Featuring Heimlich, the lovable bug with a bottomless appetite, enjoying a delicious candy corn treat amongst vibrant flowers, this wallet is guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you use it. And if that's not enough, the back of the wallet features a colorful array of characters, including Francis, Gypsy, Manny, and Dim. It's like a miniature bug parade in your pocket!

Not only is this wallet a fashion statement for any Disney-Pixar fan, but it's also practical and functional. With five card slots, a clear slot for your ID (with a cute die-cut flower shape), and shiny silver hardware, this wallet has everything you need to keep your essentials organized. And don't forget the vegan leather (polyurethane) and the stunning applique, embroidered, and printed details that make this wallet a true work of art.

It measures approximately 6'' Wide x 3.75” High. (Please note: width is measured across the bottom of the wallet.)